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I am so happy that you got time to drop by. I am Tina, fashion designer, plant-based foodie, entrepeneur and lifechange coach. My clothing line Tina Casmose have been sold in 12 countries around the world before i changed my life completely to help a lot of people overcome their own daily life in a whole new perspective because.......

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A creative woman with passion for
design and plant-based food. I teach passionate people like you how to live life differently and closer to your potential. 

I` m Tina Casmose

- The Enviroment
- A No waste Lifestyle
- Making Plant-based Food
- Taking Care of My Family
- Rocking With my Friends
- Nipping to a Oatly-Latte
- Relax in My Hammock
- Swim in the Ocean
- Listening to Gipsy Music
- Growing veggies in garden
- Dance the Night away


- Negativity
- Plastic
- Fastfood
- Rushhour
- Bad Hairdays
- Polyester
- Rainy Days
- Killing any kind of animals
- Going to Bed Unhappy
- Selfishness
- Heights
- The Doctor

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Hi I'm Tina Casmose, a plant-based chef, fashion designer and photo lover. I can`t wait to give you all my experience for over 20 years of creativity. I'm curious by nature and updated in many new social media apps and features, just for you to get inspired.



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