I give myself permission to be all that I can be. I deserve the best in life. I love and appreciate myself and others.

What changed my believes?


What changed my believes?

Everything happens for a reason.
Also when you feel down.


If you can`t escape, ask for help

What changed my believes?

Blessing others, also those you don´ t know, gives you strenght.


If you can`t escape, ask for help

If you can`t escape, ask for help

Designer I educator I ENTREPENEUR


It was like walking on two new-born legs with no safety net. My fashion business was going well, and my son was 19 years old yet I felt like a child learning everything again. Every day I stood in front of a mirror and repeated out loud to myself: I love you. Blessing people around me in my thoughts, and cleaning myself of bad energy, I felt like embracing the whole world. All my new beliefs started after thirty days of new habits: Just simple fruit, and water had changed me so much that people didn`t recognize me....

I needed to change my career path; I could not maintain my old life with stress and stomach problems now that I had grown healthy. I could eat normally, drink wine for the first time in many years, even coffee was possible. If you are curious to know my daily program under the fruit detox plan, please see below .....

My mother had died but I was healthy for the first time in twenty years. A whole new period in life began. I felt like a three-month-old baby, with no mother, but a whole new life ahead of me.

When I began the program, no one could imagine how it was going to be. The first day with no normal food was difficult but nothing like the third day. I felt that my head would explode. The lack of salt and sugar affected all my body. I felt a lot going on in my body and it was only my daily rituals that stopped me abandoning the program. I continued my new journey. Every day I started my day telling positive and loveable words. The more I told myself, the more I believed it. 

I made a dream-board to point out all my goals in life. I made a list of all the things and people that I wanted to forgive. I blessed a lot of people in my mind and was given some sentences from the lady to say out loud: `I allow myself to be all that I can be. I deserve the best in life. I love and appreciate myself and others`. When I drank tea four times a day I stepped aside and let God do the work for me. Yes you heard me right mentioning him or her, but nevertheless I faked it again! Every day that went by, performing all the rituals gave me renewed energy and slowly everything began to take on a whole new meaning. On the tenth day I passed a church I went past every day, but never visited and I felt a hand on my shoulder leading the car into the parking lot. A priest was standing in the doorway and I almost bumped into him. He just said: Just go in it's only the cleaning lady in church, just close the door when you go home. I went directly into the church. A room with a simple cross in the middle. I kneeled in front of it, crying and said thank you like if it were my life. It was my life, the new life with no pain in my stomach, no stress and no bad thoughts coming effected from my earlier bad health. Everything was amazing, like an adventure. At the same time, I was extremely busy. My business was going well, I was in the middle of introducing clothing collections at the London, and Copenhagen fashion weeks. In quiet periods, I wondered how life could be. How would it feel traveling, only eating fruit and drinking tea at special times? Yet, but because I stepped aside and asked `God‘ for help I actually did get all the help I needed.... HOW?

My agent had booked me into an amazing hotel room in London. They served fresh organic fruit outside my door twice a day. I was supposed to drink vegetable water at noon from the tenth day of my fasting plan and in Denmark it was no problem to make it, but in London on my fifteenth day, I hadn't had chance to get any. I really needed it. I went into town with no idea how I could get hold of it! I walked past a little Japanese restaurant with an open window I asked the old lady if they had vegetable soup, she pointed at her son, who told me that I was lucky. They had just made the vegetable broth before they added the miso. I asked for a bowl and felt so blessed. Even today I still can't believe all my luck on that journey. The memories came flooding back. Years ago, I met a Buddhist monk. He asked me to recite a sentence 52 times a day for a year. `Mata Yata niam puta ....` As a mother loves her only child, she must love the whole world. I didn`t understand the meaning of the words at that time, but right there in the busy streets of London, I realized how I had been educated for years to learn to love not only my closest but the whole world around me, with and without mistakes. When I raised my arms over my head and said thank you. My thanks weren`t a superficial gesture. They came from the bottom of my heart. They resounded through my whole body. I started my journey in 2007 and yet every day feels like the day I was reborn.

I am so grateful to have experienced this journey, that I want you to know that everything is possible even when it doesn't feels so. I say fake it until you believe it and my motto is: `May the light within you, illuminate the world around you`.

It wasn`t easy to change habits after so many years but one thing was sure. Everything could only be better. Fruit fasting is not for weak souls. If you can get through that, the rest is easy.

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Would you like to get benefits from what I have learned during the last ten years? 

This was too much. I was ready to jump off a Portuguese rock and end it all. But I couldn't even move my body out there. I had to cancel all my scheduled meetings and an evening celebration. As I lay on the floor at night, I prayed. I wasn't a believer in God, but still I prayed. I saw myself more like a Buddhist practitioner, but often ended up going two steps forward and three back because I simply did not understand the philosophical meaning. I asked God: "If you're out there, please help me, I've tried everything but nothing works, I can not live like this, so I would rather die," I got no answer, of course.

I don't know how I manage to get myself up and on an airplane heading back home. The next day, I had to be in my store to be host of a show. A lady I haven't seen for many years walked in. She could immediately see how ill I was, and told me she would be able to help me. She invited me to her house, and the first thing she did was to pray for me. I laughed, I wasn't a believer of God. She asked me when I was going to start fruit fasting! It was surreal. It was the last thing on my mind. With my illness candida, I couldn’t eat fruit, it contained too much sugar?

Nevertheless, for some reason, I believed her. I started my journey of a thirty-day fruit detox. I only ate fruit, and I only drank tea and water. I completed it! I felt better and went back for more. After that I went through thirty days of vegetable detox. I lost seventeen kilos and saw myself kneeling in front of a cross in a small church on my tenth day of detox saying thanks to God. I knew I was cured for the rest of my life. My mum phoned me three months later and said goodbye, she passed away two days later. Her last words to me were: You are well now I can close my eyes.... This period was the best and the worst in my life. How so?

My father had a paint shop, and we lived in North Zealand, a place most would call a provincial town, a place taken over by tourists from major cities in the summer and empty in the winter. I was a creative child, always with a pencil in my hand, hoping for my father's recognition in a family of four. My father appreciated mathematics more than art, and my mother thought that a girl would have better chances if her appearance and clothes were fashionable.

Everything changed in my life when I became ill. I was operated in the intestine due to volvulus, a disease caused by an earlier appendicitis (after all that was what they did in the late 70s). After surgery, I became weaker and weaker, I couldn`t eat normally. I became a vegetarian for a short time and visited many doctors and alternative therapists, but nothing helped me. Just as I reached nineteen my mother got heart problems, which lasted for twenty years, the same time as I had stomach problems.

Nevertheless I managed to maintain a family with my husband and son. I completed a five year design education course and established my brand Casmose Copenhagen. I started shops and wholesalers clothing in twelve countries. To be honest, many would consider it a success but I didn't think so. I wasn't satisfied, and I missed motivation. I often had to drag myself out of bed, go to the bathroom at least fifteen times a day, and stop at several gas stations on my way to work. I couldn`t participate in any events, and always had to find an excuse.

One day when I was in Portugal working on my new collection, I found myself in the bathroom. I was bleeding from my tongue and foam was pouring out of my mouth. 

I`m a country girl. I was born and raised in a family of businessmen. An artist in a small community is insecure and vulnerable. I tried to escape on a single-track highway and suddenly after my transformation, found myself on an eight-lane highway with a full view.

Here` s my story

I am so happy that you got time to drop by. I am Tina, fashion designer, plant-based foodie, entrepreneur and lifestyle-change coach. My clothing line Tina Casmose was extremely successful. It was sold in 12 countries around the world but then one day my life changed completely. The experience has given so much that I cannot keep it for myself. I want to help as many people as I can, overcome their own daily challenges by taking in the same new perspective. I want to do it because everybody deserves a second chance.

My life was a struggle with health issues that became my enemy instead of my joy and the enemy grew so much that I had to change.  How I did it and how extremely scary the transformation process was I would like to tell you more about.  If you are ready to listen scroll down under the picture and get the whole story. I have to warn you it´s with no filter. . It is probably a good idea for you to go and get a glass of wine or a teapot with you before you start. If you are not ready to listen I completely understand and you can scroll down to the free downloads HERE.

"How did my life change after 20 years of stomach problems? How did I transform my thoughts & habits so I was able to help other people take a whole new direction in their lives?"

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The day we take the first step to change our habits- We already start following our dreams for the future....  
I didn` t believe that such a remarkeble change was possible for me, but nevertheless my whole life totaly changed from my daily routines to eating plant based food. 
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